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Lac de Lumiere Blog - La Charite-Sur-Loire

Just 15 minutes away from the lake is the beautiful town of La Charitie sur Loire. Surrounded by the ramparts, the medieval town of La Charité-sur-Loire, standing by the Loire river, is famous for its Clunisian priory. Founded in 1059, this Benedictine monastery, part of the Order of Cluny, is a remarkable example of Burgundian Romanesque art, along with its church, which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site as part of the Way of St. James.

Many relics remain from its past as a major monastic town and around the priory you can enjoy a walk to admire the attractions of the historical quarter, such as the picturesque side streets, passages and flights of steps, medieval ramparts, and various shops devoted to the world of books. Bookshops, book dealers, calligraphers, illuminators and binders make La Charité-sur-Loire a real book town… An ideal destination for lovers of reading and collectors of old publications!

Lac de Lumiere Blog - La Charite-Sur-Loire
A special edition La Charite-Sur-Loire stamp.

Some book-related events take place every year in the town, including the festival of words in June, the old book and document fair in July, book night in August, and a book market on the third Sunday of each month between October and March.