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Apremont-sur-Allier is found in the Cher department and is approximately 45mins from the lake and on the border with the Burgundy region. It was between the two world wars that Apremont started to appear as it now does, when two gentlemen of the village set to, removing all unattractive buildings, and constructing new houses in the traditional style.

Historically a village of quarries, it is from the local rock that the village is built – notably the cathedral at Orleans is built from the same local stone.

Exploring Apremont-sur-Allier:

Apremont-sur-Allier is a small village, and the visit has three parts: a walk along the riverside of the Allier, a walk along the main street through the village, and a visit to the gardens of the Parc Floral of the castle.

The principal reason that people visit Apremont-sur-Allier is for the attractive gardens, the ‘Parc Floral’, in the park of the Chateau d’Apremont.

These gardens, which were planted less than 20 years ago, follow the style of 18th-century landscaped gardens: streams flow past meadows, unusual trees cast their shade, and vaulted wisterias invite you to walk underneath. The garden is classified as a ‘remarkable garden of France’.

The range of plants and flowers that you see during a visit is quite exceptional and it is a very attractive garden to relax in and to stroll across the Pagoda bridge. As part of your visit, you will see the belvedere that overlooks the village of Apremont-sur-Allier.

There is also a museum in the stables of the chateau which contains various carefully restored horse-drawn carriages.

The Chateau d’Apremont itself is not open to the public, although you will see it from the outside from almost everywhere in the village. The castle has its origins in the 15th century, although a large part of the original castle has disappeared over the centuries, and new parts have been added.

After exploring the Parc Floral, you can visit the village itself, on the Allier River classified among the most beautiful villages in France.

The village is overlooked by the chateau, which is also very pretty: as you walk along the riverbanks you can only admire the work of those responsible for the rebuilding of the village and it is easy to forget that many of the ‘medieval’ houses you see are 20th Century reconstructions of ancient houses.