A classic nut boilie that has stood the test of time. A truly addictive bait that is pure confidence in a bag all year round. Available in: 15mm,18mm and 20mm

1kg bags @ 11 euros and 5kg bags @ 45 euros.

MONSTER Tiger Nut hard Hookers

Same ingredients and the same leakage but in a hardened, slower breakdown version. Perfect for when you need a hook bait to do its job over a long period of time or to fight off nuisance species.
Available in: 14/15mm & 20mm.

6.50 euros a tub.

MONSTER Tiger Nut Pop-Ups

Designed to perfectly compliment our boilie range Super buoyant and resilient hook baits. All pop-ups come with a concentrated liquid booster.

Available in: 12mm & and 15mm.

6.50 euros a tub.

MONSTER Tiger Nut Wafters

A 15mm dumbbell made using the same original, fish-loving, and unique Monster Tiger key ingredients. Same colour and flavour as Monster Tiger boilies to match your loose feed. Slow breakdown of water-soluble attractant.

Available in: 15mm

5 euros a tub.


A comprehensive year-round food source with instant attraction – The Crave offers unrivalled nutrition, palatability, and digestibility thanks in part also to the winterised salmon oil and the finest liquid liver.
Available in: 15mm, 18mm & 20mm

1kg bags @ 11 euros a bag.


Perfect for high feed situations and/or newcomers to carp fishing – These boast some impressive results both in the UK and abroad.

Available in: 15mm & 20mm

1kg bags. @ 7 euros a bag.

HIT N RUN Pop-ups

They come in four colours – Pink, White, Yellow and Red. Each colour is designed to suit various lake conditions from clay and silt to gravel and weed. The colour wheel is designed to help you select the right colour pop-up according to the lakebed where you are fishing. Each pot is labelled with the ideal conditions for its use and has its own highly attractive, unique flavour containing essential oils.

Available in: 15mm @ 5 euros a tub.


All our particles are prepared to order – so please let us know in advance of your arrival to guarantee it’s ready for you.


French maize that has come from the surrounding areas is regularly put in the lake and can be used as bait or a carpet bait to fish over.

10Kgs 20 euros.

Maple Peas

Maples are brown in colour, the size of a pea and can be used along with hemp and other particle baits as a great pulse bait.

10 Kgs 20 euros.

Prepared Hemp

Mixed with maize the fish love this!!

10 Kgs 25 euros.

Triple mix

All of the above 10kg 25 euros.

All on-site bait is provided by Dynamite Baits.