Visit Bourge

Lac de Lumiere Travel Blog - Bourge

Bourges is an important town in central France, towards the south-east of the Loire Valley (Centre) region and about 1hr from the lake. 

It has a substantial historic centre and two very important monuments – the cathedral and the Palace Jacques Coeur – and is very pleasant to explore.

Bourges has been classified as both a protected and a historic place in France and as an official Town of Art and History both Bourges Cathedral and the Palais Jacques-Coeur are listed as French National Monuments and are now on the list of UNESCO which states the Cathedral is a ‘masterpiece of Gothic art’ and surely is one of the great Cathedrals of France

The great tower at Bourges Cathedral is copied from one to be found at the Louvre. As well as the cathedral, the Tower and the Crypt can be visited. You can also get a good view of the cathedral from the carefully planted gardens to the south of the cathedral, the Jardin de l’Archeveché.

From the outside of the cathedral, it is the elaborate decoration, and the extensive use of flying buttresses, that stand out. The use of flying buttresses enabled taller cathedrals to be built with thinner walls, and also enabled the cathedral to be built without a transept (the ‘cross’ part of the layout, usually found just before the choir) – so the inside of the cathedral is an unbroken design.