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What an amazing place this is! Spent a week fishing here and this was my first ever fishing trip to France and i could not recommend it enough. Steve truly is one of a kind and cannot help you out and do enough for you. We had the lodge that is just perfect and was everything we needed and more lovely and clean with a cooker fridge and freezer hot water and shower and nice comfy beds for the nights away from the bank and having not been here before it was far better than our expectations. The fishing is amazing also and not being very experienced on a French lake Steve offered to fish the first night out to give a hand if I needed it which was very helpful and after he pointed out a few swims known to produce fish in the past i had a couple of fish to start me off, 15lb and 18lb not the biggest but perfect fish. Then I smashed my pb of 19.8oz with a 32lb mirror and had plenty of 22 and 26 lbers and I lost a good couple of fish some nights also, but I was more than happy with what I had caught in the week and had exceeded what I thought I would catch. On the last night I thought I would give it 1 last go before leaving this fishing paradise and was blown away when I landed a 50lb grass carp and then a little later a 22lb mirror carp. This is a place that just keeps on exceeding your expectations and can only get better being run by Steve, he is purely out to help you and ensure you have the best time here and make this place better and better. Do not hesitate if you are thinking about giving this place a try, it is a 5-star service and 5 star fishing you will not be disappointed!

Jamie Kitts